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  • Quick-release VESA mount

    Not really sure where to put this, since it's actually a VESA mount from the Otterbox 4600 for the Fujitsu ST5032d TabletPC...

    I'm humming and hahing about installing either a TabletPC or a Thinkpad with a Lilliput touchscreen. Problem is, in the GMC Acadia, the radio is custom and isn't a DIN slot, so the plan for a in-dash pop-out screen is gone. I'm not going to fabricate a new console because it's a work vehicle. I can drill holes (within reason) but not replace entire components.

    I don't want a "steal-me!!" sign, thus when I park the car to go into the mall or a restaurant, I want to shove the screen back in the DIN slot (not a choice now)... or remove the screen completely and put it in the trunk.

    In order to mount the TabletPC in the car, I have a VESA mount for the Otterbox. RAM Mounts makes some good solid support apparatus, but the VESA mount isn't quick-release.

    Anybody come across this same problem? Which quick-release VESA mount did you go with? Something like this, but I think something heftier is required for the added stress of movement and vibration in a car environment.

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    After looking at the site for that mount, I would definitely not use that mount in a car environment. All it takes is one pothole or speed bump that you didn't see, and your screen would be in your lap.