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Screen choice help (9" touchscreen & 15" monitor)

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  • Screen choice help (9" touchscreen & 15" monitor)


    I have done a lot of searching about what system to put into the car and am set on a carpc. I have searched the forum for screens the sizes I am looking for but cannot find any information. I need help selecting good screens for my build. I am looking for a 9" widescreen touch screen to be molded into the dash and a 15" wide screen for the trunk.

    Both screens are going to be molded in so I think it is easier to do with non framed screens.

    Can anyone recommend any screens or a good website where I can find them. I need the front one to work well in sunlight etc, the trunk screen is not so much of an issue.

    Thank you for your help!

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    personally I would go with gooddeals18 dot com.

    That have good prices and ship quick...


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      Originally posted by russoxley187 View Post
      personally I would go with gooddeals18 dot com.

      That have good prices and ship quick...
      Thanks for the reply - I looked there but cant seem to find any LCD screens without the frames


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        I have just found these two screens, they are not touchscreen but a (" touchscreen is seeming to be very hard to get hold of! Do you need extra components to run them? Also why does the non VGA one have a better resolution and which would be a better choice? Is there a way of making them touch screen?

        9" screens:


        Thank you


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          Just found this 9.2" touchscreen, but the resolution seems very low:

          Is it possible to take these screens out of the casing to mold them into the dash?


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            Native resolution of 800x480 is very typical for 7" - 9" displays.

            Some will list higher but that is not dot-to-dot on screen.
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              Oh ok .. it seemed a little on the low side.

              In that case is there anything else I should look out for? I mean are the screens linked above good enough for what I am looking for? (i.e. to have in the dash of the car with the sunlight hitting it)

              And my other question: if a screen comes in a casing (e.g. a roof mount monitor) are there any issues in taking it out of the casing and mounting it in the dash?

              Found a nice 9.4" widescreen roof mount screen and a 9.4" touchscreen that I can use with it.