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Motorized Monitor Disassembly

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  • Motorized Monitor Disassembly

    Just wondering if anyone has taken apart a 7 inch motorized monitor. I really just want the monitor to come straight out and not flip up. I want to mount it vertically in the dash so it pops up like the volvo gps and some cadillacs. Any ideas on how to achieve this would be very helpful, thanks.

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    On my k301 there are two motors. One does the sliding out, and one does the flipping up. Im guessing if you cut power to the flipping motor, then it wont flip up. But keep in mind that the motors they use are really dinky and you would be stressing it out alot if you want the weak little motor to pop the screen up vertically.


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      if you need pionters to make it work in a differnt way
      check my worklog:
      and look at hte youtube on the bottum
      Cold weather mobo list: Copy the list and add your board
      my hidden screen in action (youtube) , the worklog , RR Volvoskin