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Lilliput 7" EBY701 Problems - Not working?

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  • Lilliput 7" EBY701 Problems - Not working?

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to posting but not new to the forum or computers. I purchased a Lilliput EBY701 a while back but never got around to finishing the setup, recently I caught a new wind and got back at it. After setting the software up, and having everything installed while still in my house I noticed the Lilliput screen flashed, and now it won't come back. If I plug it in, and hit POWER the blue LED's light up, but the screen stays back. Nothing on the screen when hitting any buttons or plugged in, tested with other monitors and they worked fine. The volume, input, etc doesn't respond. Whenever I hit the POWER button again it doesn't respond either, nothing seems to change. Now if I unplug and replug the plug back in then I get a constant blinking red POWER button. I'm stumped as to what this could be, as the monitor has only been on for maybe 45 minutes total. I'm pretty disappointed with this, as I purchased and tested it initially when I bought it but didn't expect to have any problems several months down the road. Any advice would be appreciated,

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    I'm sorry, but I think you have probably bricked your screen. I have bricked at least three of these screens, and I know that it doesn't take much to do it. I know your screen is a little different than the ones I used, but the principles are probably still the same. My screens kept dying until I started running them off of a regulated 12V source. Now, maybe your car has wildly fluctuating voltages that destroyed the screen. I don't know. I think the screen is dead though.


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      Thanks for the reply, I was running the screen in my home off a wall outlet. It wasn't turned on/off very much and was barely used. I'm not sure what I could have done to it, I'm pretty disappointed with it though. The good news is the store I purchased it from told me its under warranty, and to send it back and they can have another one to me in about 2 days. We'll see how this one goes.


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        For future refrences, I would just keep the "egg" (regulator box) with the screens. It will keep fluctuations from destroying the screen. I keep the eggs on all my screens (all 5 of them) I even went as far to use the fused cigarette lighter plugs so I can have the fuse protection. All what I did was go to advanceautoparts and buy one of those cigarette lighter splitters and cut the end plug off so i can simply plugin the lilliputs adapter without cutting it up.
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          check ur ribbon cable...something like that happened to me while installing my setup