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SOLVED fix for broken motorized lilliput lcd's (broken tilt gear)

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  • SOLVED fix for broken motorized lilliput lcd's (broken tilt gear)

    My lilliput's tilt gear cracked on me about half a year ago, I pulled out the micrometer and googled around a ton trying to find a replacement without much luck.

    ordered a few with bad dimensions that wouldn't work. Found one that could have worked, and messed it up, then it was out of stock.

    I Just picked one up the one in the picture, and drilled it out. It has worked for about 50 test tilt, open / closes.

    I ordered a HMXE8011 12 tooth pinion gear from and then used my dremel drill press unit and a 3mm drill bit to drill the gear ( yes its metal) from 2.3mm to 3mm. I put it on the shaft with the set pin on the top of the shaft and put it back together. put it back together, and my lcd slid out and came up, I tilted it down, and up, and it behaved like new.

    Now this is where my problem is, when i push the power button the lcd goes down flat like it should, but it doesn't go it. If i gently force it all the way in and turn it on though, it does come out like normal . . . it jus doesn't want to go in.

    UPDATE: The problem was the sensing gear on the tilt gear was missaligned, I moved its alignment and its been working great for the past few weeks.