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Looking for a indash 1 din vga touchscreen... need help...

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  • Looking for a indash 1 din vga touchscreen... need help...

    Cant find a good in-dash 1 din touchscreen thats reasonably priced, ive been looking everywhere im looking for the 200-400 price range and the only thing i find is the 700IDT xenarc...

    im not sure if maybe there arent any other screens that are indash for that price range or if i just havent found em yet....

    if someone could help me out with this i would greatly apreciate it i just need a screen as i have the carputer built.... and i need an indash in order to save from hacking into my car's dash...

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    There are a few to choose from in that price range, but nothing I'd call high quality. Ebay has an asortment available.

    This one, commonly known as the DWW-700M, is popular. Some have good luck, but I believe the motors use plastic gears which some have had issues with.

    This is the lilliput motorized screen. As far as I know it uses plastic gears as well. I've read about a lot of quality issues with these, but some have had good luck.

    This is a non motorized unit, but has left/right swivel. It is commonly known as the DWW-700H. I paid 275 for a new one of these on sale. It was pretty good while it worked. They have known issues with working at low temperatures (< ~45F). Mine broke under the 1yr warranty, but I can't get a hold of the seller (Armen, what gives?).

    A little pricier, but better quality. Known as the K301 or the MTSVO-SC, I believe it uses metal gears for the motorized operation. They also are a little picky about the temperature, refusing to turn on at less than 10F or so (if memory serves). I believe someone found a bypass/workaround for this though.

    For a 1DIN indash unit, there is not a lot of quality to be found. I'd say the Xenarc 700IDT is probably one of the best ones out there.

    There are others. These are just a few I had seen around. Hope this helps.
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      thank you for those after inspecting each one of those and noticing all their flaws...

      i have decided to shell out the extra money for the XENARC MDT-X7000 even though its like 300 more then most of those models i think all the extra features justify the price...

      thank you for your help though i appreciate it...


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        Im waiting on the MDT-X7000 myself. I beleive most places are out of stock for another couple of weeks still.


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          i bought from xenarxdirect got it in 3 days installing everything on monday