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    Hello All,

    I have a worklog going and I am currently looking to acquire the parts needed. My plan is to have a Mac Mini run to 3 different LCDs. 2 of which will simply be monitors and 1 that will be a Touchscreen and the controller.

    I see these smaller monitors do NOT come with DVI nor RGB connections. What would be the best way to run video signal to the monitors and how is that achieved with a DVI out connection?



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    You will need to first adapt your Mac Mini's DVI output to vga using a simple adapter like this:

    Or you can pay twice as much for the official Apple branded one:

    This will adapt it to run your touchscreen. To get the video screens going you'll need a VGA to TV converter like this:

    This will convert VGA to composite or s-video for your video screens. It also has a pass-thru vga port to plug in your vga touchscreen. You will need to "split" the composite output with a y-cable to send the signal to 2 screens:

    Alternatively you could run S-video to 1 screen and composite to the other, or split the s-video and run that to both - whatever works.

    So the "chain" of adapters will be
    1. DVI to VGA adapter
    2. VGA to TV converter
    3. Composite out of the "VGA to TV converter" gets split and sent to both video screens
    4. VGA "pass-thru" is sent to vga touchscreen.

    Good Luck
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      you sir are a gentleman and a scholar, Thank you for your input! I will do some searching around looking for both quality and longevity of each part.

      Now for a second question, do you think chaining one monitor to the next will show less quality then going straight from a splitter to each monitor?



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        Hey, you're welcome!

        The less cable you need to use the better. If your monitor has a pass through, you'd probably be ahead to use that.

        If you are doing just 2 monitors, you are probably OK to just split the signal, or "daisy chain", if the run isn't too long. Any more than that and you might want to look into a video distribution amplifier. Something like this:
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        In-Car posts made from passenger seat - Be safe, Don't Post and Drive.