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Color problems on 7" Carmedien screen

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  • Color problems on 7" Carmedien screen

    Hello everyone!

    I bought this screen a few days ago. I've been driving nicely around with it until yesterday. Out of sudden the Red color started to fade away and then it came back... it happened a few times and now its completely dead from red, i've tested it. BUT! the screen works cause menus red/green/blue works just fine even while the windows is underneath it and it has no red color... (that sentence made no sense? ) anyway im sure its not about the screen its about the VGA wire and the connections. Im pretty sure its not on the wire either, but not 100% sure. I think it might be inside the screen that the VGA connector must come loose or something.

    So anyone mind give a tought about this, ill be thankful! I think i just need to send it back and wait a couple of weeks for now one

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    Okay today when i was on my way to work, i booted my comp up and was able to see the red color for a little longer. So now im a little clueless, cause moving around the wires doesnt help... damn should i just send it over to warranty?


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      Have you tried it with a different PC and cable?
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        yes. i have tried it with laptop and a ATX PC, both => same problem

        I think its just a little thing thats causing it, cause all the other colors work only red seems to dissapear. I have tryed to search around here others have had the same problem but couldnt find any solution for my problem

        Can it be caused by power spike? i mean i used it from the cig lighter for a while and the screen picture altered a bit so i made a connection for PC's PSU and now those problems are gone, but red color is still somewhere :/


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          okay i've confirmed the wiring. Its ok! I have used my meters to run down some of the board on the touch screen and the red singnal moves nicely there. Now i've been trying a few times to boot the touch screen (power off, power on) and i can see red color fine for few seconds then it dissapers in a blink of eye

          Anyone have any ideas what should i do with this?


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            My liliput does kind of the same thing. While its on it will sometimes cycle through different hues and then sometimes it will go completely out. Im thinking maybe its a heat issue but I have no friggin clue.