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FYI on broken Touchscreen ribbon cables.

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  • FYI on broken Touchscreen ribbon cables.

    A while back before I completely shattered the touch screen overlay on my Lilliput monitor, I was trying different installation ideas in my Isuzu Rodeo, while doing this, I completely ripped the 4-wire ribbon cable that comes from the touch screen to the USB controller board.

    I though to myself "well, damn"...

    Thought I had to buy a new touch screen overlay.

    But, I got to thinking.
    I pulled out my soldering gun, figured out that those ribbon cables are put together with very flat copper wire and a layer of brown plastic that is laid on top of each side of the wire.

    I had the hardest time trying to get that plastic coating off of the wire, so... Pulled out my lighter and lit the end of the broken cable on fire... The copper didn't quite burn.. turned a little black but completely melted the plastic coating away. I scraped the black off of the copper wire with my fingernail. I lined the 4 copper wires up with the 4 lead on the USB controller board. Soldered them down.

    WORKS. Great.

    Not anymore though... as I shattered my touchscreen overlay layer recently. It's just an FYI for anyone who has done this !
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