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linitx screen taking long time to start up

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  • linitx screen taking long time to start up

    i recently transplanted my linitx screen into a xenarc casing. things were great for a few weeks, but as of late, the screen is taking a long time to display the vga input. it turns on immediately with power, and then displays 'no pc input' like it normally does until the laptop comes out of standby (usually only takes 5 seconds). however, lately the screen auto shuts off after waiting and getting no input, and does not turn back on and display the image until about 3-4 minutes after it is turned on. i know the laptop is running because music is playing. the touchscreen also functions even when there is no image on the screen. its not weather related because its been a very temperate 60-70 degrees for the past couple of weeks and i park indoors. usually the start time in the morning is the worst, and then if i use it again shortly thereafter it doesnt take as long, or comes up immediately. what could be the problem?