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LCD video switch for the car

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  • LCD video switch for the car

    Hi guys,

    I am in the middle of designing a video switch for my lcd's in the car. So far I have 4 inputs that can be switched to any 4 outputs. For the control I was gonna use a 2*16 LCD and a rotary encoder to scroll through and change the settings. I am also thinking of implementing IR and may be a serial port for serial control via a visual basic program.

    Any other things you guys and gals think would be a good idea ?


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    how many LCDs do you have and exactly what are you planning on doing?
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      One in the console, and one in each head rest. I have a dvd decoder card and rear view camera. I can display either on any screen or dvd on 2 and mp3, gps... on main unit.

      It's cool because the chip I use has built in buffers so there is no signal loss because the signal is boosted before splitting.