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  • DVD Playback question

    I have the digitalww screen and am running a geforce2 32 meg graphics card with video out and TVtool. I run my screen @ 800x600 for Media Engine 1.5.0 and that works well, but when I attempt to play a DVD at that resolution the image is all distorted. When I change the res to 640x480 it works fine.

    I would always run 640x480 but with Media Engine everything gets good...and parts of the image run off of the screen at that res too.

    Any sugesstions?
    1200 mhz duron/ 384m pc133/ 6.4 gig for OS / 75 gig storage/ 32 meg Nvidia Geforce2 wit TV out / onboard sound / GPRS / 7" digitallww flip out / X10 Mouseremote / 255w inverter (temp)

    Nakamichi CD-45Z HU / Monsoon amp and 8 speakers

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    Should have posted in the Media Engine forum...

    Anyways, the latest version of 1.6.2 (which isn't yet out, but will be) supports font size changing. You can use 640x480 and not make things "squiched"

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