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7" 1-din screen problems. Pink tearing. Please help :-/

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  • 7" 1-din screen problems. Pink tearing. Please help :-/

    Hey all,

    I'm yet to get a carpc actually in my car from my test work bench as I'm failing miserably with screens :-/

    I've gone down the route of a motorised 1 din touch screen (The B-Billion model) as I managed to screw up my last dash moulded type from Linitx.

    I've had this one for approx 6 weeks and still in the process of testing. I switched it on yesterday and now have a pink tear going from every image on the screen to the right. It was ok but with no warning this has happened.

    Can someone please offer some advice otherwise I'm going to have to seriously consider throwing in the towel as this is costing me a fortune!

    I've attached an image if this helps.

    Can someone please just let me know what it might be so that I can at least go back to the seller and try to get my money back.

    Any further recomendations on 1 din screens motorised or not would be really appreciated too.

    Thanks to you all.

    CarPC in development for.. MkIV VW Golf GT PD GTI TDI 150 (190) - Now that's a mouthful.. but it goes like S***!

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    Man that sucks! As far as a suggestion for other gear, I'm using a xenarc 700tsv, so far so good.

    As far as suggestions to your issue.. The only thing I can think of for that is that maybe something like a powerful speaker magnet is near by? You said it's on a bench, I guess I'm just envisioning my workbench which has torn up speakers, wires, pc components, tools, everything just everywhere.

    Sorry man.