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Lilliput Red Tint - Need fast help

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  • Lilliput Red Tint - Need fast help

    Ok, so I go to test out my PC in car for the first time, and everything works perfect...except for the color of the screen.

    Now, when there is no video signal the screen displays the blue and white screen saying so. It also displays the word "PC" up in the corner in a green color.

    However, the image it displays when the computer is sending a video signal is all red.

    So everything running through my VGA cable is coming out a red tint.

    I have not had time to do extensive testing, but I was curious if anyone here would have some insight.

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    For me, I'd check the VGA cable first. Sounds like broken wires or pins in it...
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      Originally posted by Crawdaddy View Post
      For me, I'd check the VGA cable first. Sounds like broken wires or pins in it...
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        Yeah it was a loose connection on the cable. It was the S-video looking connector. At first I thought that was a fuse holder. I guess it came loose in transport.

        Now I am having a ghosting problem. Everything seems to have a drop shadow.

        I don't know why. My vga cable is ran on the opposite side from all power wires.


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          Mine also did that. I determined it to be that very cable (s-video type). Anyone know where I can get another one?


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            I think the pins in that mini-din are too short or the boot keeps it from going all the way together. It causes ghosting, noisy picture, missing color channel. Wiggle it while pushing it tight together and watch the screen. It'll clear up and stay that way if you keep messing with it.