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Industrial Flat panel PCs for 200 bucks.

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  • Industrial Flat panel PCs for 200 bucks.

    I was just looking on ebay for something old school (like we used to use before everyone started using Xenarc and Lilliput monitors) and came ocross this little gem. Its an industrial flat panel enclosed PC preinstalled with windows 2000. Now I KNOW everyone is using XP and some are even using vista but damn if you want a tough touchscreen and a sealed computer that you can put something like mediaengine or frodoplayer on (I don't know about roadrunner since it uses flash and might be a little choppy) then this thing is what you need. Plus it comes with an adapter for car use. If I didn't already have a system i'd be buying one.

    Its buy it now for 200 bucks and 15 shipping.

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    Sweet. Looking for socket 7 AMD chips looks like 380mhz fastest. I think i have a 400mhz sockey 7 AMD chip somewhere.

    300mhz for 200 bucks? kind of slow. I didn't see what the antenna was for?

    Yet again, another good unit for multiCarputer environment. If you have the room.
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      Too big, heavy and slow. If its ruggedized might work for an off-road vehicle or a boat. But my 4121 was only $400 and has lots more power and options/capability.
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        The e-bay seller also has a 566 socket 370 up for $299.00. If I remeber correctly, you can go up to about a 1.4 mhz or P3 or Celeron or something in a socket 370...

        Maybe I'll put something like that in my boat this year...LOL
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