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How to reverse image on Lilliput EBY701?

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  • How to reverse image on Lilliput EBY701?

    I purchased the 701 specifically for the image reversal feature (X & Y) which is listed in the monitor's specs. I'll be using it for my video camera and need to flip the image.

    I've searched the net high and low and have found nothing. I did come across a thread saying the 619/629 models contrary to the official site specs do not have image flip and I'm thinking the 701 might be the same.

    Anyone know if and how to flip the 701's image? Anyone know of a lilliput that does flip the image?


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      If I remember correctly from what I have read, the lilliputs DO NOT flip output. It's a mistprint on everywhere, including the official lilliput website. Check the FAQ stick at the top of the LCD/Display forum
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        That mate but man that's just flat out ridiculous that it's on the official specs and therefore listed everywhere on reseller's pages. The company I brought it off just got back to me after they inquired about it to the factory. How can the factory know about this and not change the damn specs?

        I wasted hours trying to figure the %%^^ thing out and as you can imagine am pretty wild now I know the monitor can't flip.

        Still, does anyone know of a lilliput or similar res monitor that can flip?


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          My 701 doesn't have that feature. At least, I've never seen it.

          You can do it using a software solution though, you'll just see it flip over as windows starts up.

          My Nvidia driver console allows me to flip/rotate/invert the image to my hearts content.

          But like I said, it will start up normally.

          You can just make a boot screen in upside down format if that bugs you too much....

          Good luck.
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            Thanks but I'm using the monitor on my video camera, it won't be hooked to a computer.

            It's a real bummer because it's such a sweet monitor, exactly what I was looking for minus the most important feature.


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              why not get a reverse image camera?
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                Sorry this isn't for an in car camera, it's for my high def film making camera.