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EBY701 Help ! Main Board issues...

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  • EBY701 Help ! Main Board issues...

    I have a non-abused brand new looking EBY701 Lilliput screen here I bought off ebay. Said it has some problems, so I got it for cheap to find out if I can repair it myself.

    Symptoms observed:

    Plug in power supply: All buttons flash and light up for a split second (along with the backlight of the LCD does also) then just remains at the "Powered Off" Power Button Red Light. Seems perfectly normal just like my other EBY701.

    Push the power button: All buttons light up in blue. Nothing happens from here forward. Screen does not light up, pushing the power button again will NOT power it down. Thats all it will do.

    Tried the following: Unplugged backlight, LCD, and Touch Sensor plugs, tried again, SAME thing... Put it all back together, turned it on and let it sit for a couple hours, no good. Tried a different power supply, nothing.

    Took the controller main board out of my other EBY701 and installed it in the new EBY701, works perfect.

    What could possibly be wrong with the controller board of this new EBY701 screen? Every component on the board appears to be nice and clean, no burns or funky smells. All connectors are clean and corrosion free, nothing seems to be shorting anything out. Something somewhere on this board is preventing it to turn on, locking it up as soon as the power button is pressed.

    Any suggestions GReatly appreciated

    thanks, -steve
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    Hi stevey !!
    I'm french, i don't speek a good english but i understand a few.
    Do you resolve your problem because I have the same problem and I don't have idea to resolve it.
    The power button light up red, when i push it, all other buttons light up in blue. Like you, screen does not light up, pushing the power button again will NOT power it down.

    Help please !!


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      It is possible for components to not show any physical signs that they are damaged or defective. You've already narrowed it down to the controller board being the broken piece. See if you can track down a replacement for the entire board. I'd wager dollars to donuts that replacing the entire board will be significantly easier, and probably close to the same price, as trying to repair it.
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