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Xenar MDT-X7000 issues. Can anyone help?

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  • Xenar MDT-X7000 issues. Can anyone help?

    I know that many people have been having issues with this screen and I hope some of you usesrs can help. I cannot use a different screen with this car since it's an EVO and only has a 1din slot.

    I have the screen installed and working, but I have an issue with it. If I turn on the entire system by just placing the key on the Accessory power, everything wokrs fine. But as soon as I turn the car on, the screen seems to get a lot of interference and changes to different colors, goes off, etc.

    Now, if I turn on the entire system by turning on the car, everything works fine. I can turn it off/on and it still works. So, the issue only presents itself if the system is turned on before the car is turned on.

    Does anyone have any idea what the issue could be?

    I've also noticed something else with the screen. When the system boots up to PC mode, there is no sound out of the system. If I change the the mode to radio or just to PC back again, the sound comes on.