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Which screens have the least amount of issues?

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  • Which screens have the least amount of issues?

    Hey guys, I have been reading the forums for quite some time, but i finally decided to join and ask a few questions as I am getting closer to building my car pc.

    It seems as if every brand of LCD touch screen seems to have minor to major issues. I will be putting an 8" touch screen in my Mitsubishi for the build. Which are the rock solid LCD's that have the least amount of RMA's?

    Thanks and I appreciate the future help.


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    I can only provide anecdotal evidence of my Xenarc 8.4". It's been a solid display. The touchscreen quit working after about a year and a half, but I'm pretty sure that the touchscreens in both the Xenarc and Lilliputs suffer from the same issues.

    There used to be a difference between the Lilli's and the Xenarcs but I don't think that is true anymore.

    If you are looking at a motorized fold-out, then it's a different issue. There are some models that break easily or don't work well at all.
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      A regular flat panel is what I am looking for and I will just mold it into my center console panel.

      How are the Dynamix screens?


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        I'd also like to know what others have to say. So far, the two brands that are most talked about are the Xenarc and the Lilliput.



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          Originally posted by Nickolaus View Post
          A regular flat panel is what I am looking for and I will just mold it into my center console panel.

          How are the Dynamix screens?
          Dynamix screens are hit and miss. Don't expect awesome quality control from them. Plus you get mucked around alot when it comes to warranty.

          Our first LCD went bung, white screen of death. Sent it back with all accessories as stated by their RMA policy. Took over a month to get another one back. Apparently, "it was overlooked" and they forgot to process our RMA. Also, it was sent back missing all of the accessories. We had to complain to get them to send the missing components. Then, the one they did send to replace it was stuffed. The touchscreen lost calibration every 10 minutes. We complained again to dynamix, and said we were not interested in paying another $70 to send the screen back to them again. A deal was reached where we bought another one off them for a reduced price and free shipping. Luckily, the guy we were dealing with, we told him to specifically check that the screen was working perfectly before it was sent and he did this. HOwever, it took over 5 weeks after paying for it to receive it, because he coudn't find the time to "test it".

          Would I recommend Dynamix. NO.