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700IDT spring problem

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  • 700IDT spring problem

    I just received my new 700IDT display and the screen wont stay latched. I push it all the way in and it hits the back and comes right back out again. I have used varying degrees of pressure to try to get it to latch and I have only been able to successfully get it to latch a couple of times after spending about 5 minutes on it. Anyone know how to fix it? I would rather not RMA it just for the latch, but I need it to stay latched when not it use.


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    Never mind I fixed it. The spring on the bottom kept getting jammed so it wouldnt properly catch.


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      Hey I am having the exact same problem. Do you mind explaining how you fixed it? RMA crossed my mind but if I can fix it then why bother. THX in advance.
      Oh why do I spend so much time and money on a technology that works only half the time? Is always a work in progress? Is never complete? I wonder.