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Difference between Datalux LMV10R and 2? Help!

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  • Difference between Datalux LMV10R and 2? Help!

    Can anyone please help me determine wether I have an LMV10R or LMV10R2? There is no model number sticker on the back.

    What are the physical differences between the two?

    The model I have does not have the "Datalux" name on the front, and it has a recessed aluminum back.

    This unit also does not work with a VIA EPIA 800, but works with other video cards. Is this an indication of an LMV10R, and not an R2? If I had a genuine R2, would it work with the EPIA??

    Thanks for you help..

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    This has been covered, search.


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      SuperMatty - I already did search and I saw your original messages, and based on them I could make an educated GUESS that this is an R, not R2. But since I've never physically had BOTH units in my hands, I am not able to conclusively determine this for sure on my own. So the reason I posted is because I am looking for a definitive answer or second opinion from someone, such as yourself, on wether this is unit is definitely an R or R2?

      Thanks again..


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        Does it have controls on the back of it to adjust the image position? If it does, it's an R, if they are covered, it is an R2.


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          Yes, it has the 4 image position controls in the back .. and they are covered with rubber domes. But if it is an R2 then it should
          working with my EPIA, right?


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            Oops...I meant on the R2, those controls are not visible and they are covered with a plastic piece held in with 2 screws. The R is the only one with the controls exposed. You have an R, and if it doesn't work with half the video cards out there I'm not at all surprised.


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              Thank You for your help.. I got screwed on an auction.. it said R2, I received an R.. there probably is no recouse for something like this given the similarities between the two models. In fact, if you go to Datalux's website or do a search on Google, you will find no mention of an "LMV10R". You can only find information on the "LMV10R2" which would make it seem as if that is the only model that has ever been made. The difference is in the date of manufacture though. I guess I'm off to buy a video amp.


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                Well...I ended up like I bought an LCD screen from e-bay that was 350 nits rather than the 200 nit Datalux one and I just swapped out the VGA controller and touch controller/touchscreen from my old unit. The controller (even in the 'LMV10R') is very good and will work for a large number of LCD screens, so if nothing else you have that as well as the touch controller (which will work for capacitive or resistive screens).


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                  Hey.. How did you end up mounting your LQ104V1DG11? Last I read, it wouldn't fit in the Datalux case..