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7" in-dash TFT LCD display

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  • 7" in-dash TFT LCD display
    Is this a good display and does anyone who have this display?
    Anyone who know how many nits the brightness is?

    I'm thinking of using it for dvd, divx, mp3 and maybe GPS.

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    Same model as digitalWW very good picture!

    Look at the previous post...

    And choose Armen from digitalww (good price and he is active in this forum)

    He is also very kind with the international shippement... french member have ordered a few monitor there
    Epia M9000, lili 7" vga&touch & 2xTM-7002S compo, camera with reversed image, 2.5" 60 GB, 256Mb DDR, Opus 90W, GPS usb... AND MEDIACRUISER of course!


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      I bougt that screen from them on October 1st but was unable to test the screen until yesterday. Anyway I tried it all out and it appears to be dead Just can't get it to come on or do anything so I've emailed them but it's 2 months since I bought it and I've no idea if they will actually refund me for it as it was dead on arrival, just been sat in the box since I got it. I'm still waiting for a reply from them but if they won't refund me I'll probably have to pay shipping and customs (UK) for the replacement again, if it works and is any good I'll post here and let you know


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        Juz, you have PM.



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          aha! It appears it does actually work, yay! The adapter I was using before had a max current on 300mA and I just noticed on another site selling the screens that they had an option to also purchase a 1200mA adapter with it. So I had a rumage around and noticed that the adapter for my sub is a 12v DC 1700mA, popped that into the screen and it works like a dream
          LOL I feel so stupid

          It's a very nice screen anyway, bit hard to read at 800x600 or 1024x768 though so I'm using 640x480 and it doesn't fit a 7" very well as there's about 3/4 of an inch wasted at the sides. I'm really pleased with it anyway, playback of DivX on it is amazing too, highly recommended!