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Help: Received a 7in touch screen, cant find info on it

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  • Help: Received a 7in touch screen, cant find info on it

    I received a 7in touch screen from a co worker who was upgrading his, but he has no idea what the brand is or anything (he had it uninstalled sitting in his garage for about a year) its in good condition but cant seem to figure out whats wrong. Its motorized but I dont want it to be motorized if possible because he said it got stuck occasionally if he let it go in. It turns on clicks a little and turns off. There's 1 extra cord I cant seem to figure out. I have power and grounding, cant seem to figure it out. He mentioned that the clicking had happened before once when his battery was low, so I'm wondering if it may be a short. I've tried to find reviews and documentation on it but cant seem to find out its brand or model #.

    It looks alot like:

    I've looked that up but cant seem to find a brand on it either....

    any help is appreciated

    EDIT: the more I look the more I'm convinced this is it. Cant find drivers or installation guide anywhere though

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    it looks remarkably like one of these


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      yes, what is the actual brand on that item?