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Lq64d343 Rocks!

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  • Lq64d343 Rocks!

    For those of you trying to decide which lcd to use, This is the best I've seen yet. It is a 300 nit 6.4" TFT and is incredibly beautiful and bright. I have a datalux controller and this is the 3rd lcd I've tried as the others were too dim. I paid $175 for this screen and they can probably be found for a little less if you dig. Also look for the LQ64D341 as that one is the same but has anti-glare. I think this is the best 6" setup possible!

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    i digged but no luck

    so can you tell me please from where you get it


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      I bought mine from InStock, Inc 480-921-0234. You will also need 2 inverters as it will work with one inverter but won't be as bright. I had an extra datalux inverter I wired in. You might want to try searching google. someone on this board saying they got one for $50 in this thread


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        so its the inverter that control brightness
        has it got to be datalux or any other inverter will do the job



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          It's actually a combination of things. Both the inverter(s) and backlight(s) are directly responsible for brightness. You *should* have a matching inverter/backlight setup, though I found this nearly impossible to do without spending loads of $$ on a complete kit. The inverter does "control" the brightness of the CCFL (lamp). You don't *have* to use a datalux inverter. If you are electronically inclined you can rig a setup. I actually used 1 datalux and 1 laptop lcd inverter at first and it worked great. the datalux controller does not handle 2 inverters, so I wired in the second directly to power with a switch. This way I have brightness control at night, and a kind of "Turbo bright" switch for daytime. Works great. good luck


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            What lcd controller do you use with this lcd? And where can i get one?


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              I have some inverters for sale.. 20 shipped.. each inverter can power two backlights..