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How to interface a Sharp LM8V311?

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  • How to interface a Sharp LM8V311?

    Well, I managed to come across a few of these Sharp LM8V311 LCD panels as part of some junk, and so I know just about nothing about them.
    I looked up the model number, and found This spec-sheet.
    It seems its a 640X480, color, passive-matrix display. The ones I have include a backlight(CCFL I think[high-voltage ccfl-type connector, two pin]), and touch-screen(4-pin ribbon connector).
    The main LCD connectors are two ribbon-like connectors with discreet wires, the first(nearest the top) having a total of 15 wires, with the first 14 black, and the last white. The second connector has 14 wires, with the top 13 white, and the last black.

    That is the sum of my knowledge about this LCD. I need to figure out a way to connect it to VGA, or even find way to drive it via serial from a PIC microcontroller. I assume that, as it is a passive-matrix LCD, it only supports 6 colors per pixel(Black, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple and White).

    Any help would be appreciated.