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Lilly broken motorized mechanism, Plz help

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  • Lilly broken motorized mechanism, Plz help

    This monitor has bin in storage for a few moths, was working in perfect order b4 i took it out. I am trying to put in my new car but have a problem and am getting really annoyed with my in-dash lily. I have had 2 of these now, both with the same problem, the first was fixed through warranty tho.

    The screen comes out of the housing properly but when it comes to the 'flip up' it messes tries to go up unsuccessively making a loud ticking noise as the gears slip. then afta 3-4 secs it stops trying and the whole front starts to flash blue.

    The gears themselves look good and arent broken or smooth.

    The thing is that when i start with the monitor up and then switch it on it comes down normally but the motor doesnt stop when the screen comes to the bottom, and continues to turn making the same loud tick as the gears slip.

    This makes me think it is the switch that turns the motor on and off/ changes the direction (i assuming it a directional motor) which is broken. The only thing i assume to be the switch is the thing i circled in red in the pic.

    Am i right? and more importantly, how do i fix it? what is this part called? Can i get it from r$ or maplin$?

    It has the 'PO7OIA-SE' written on the back of it. Thanks in advance for your help, it is very very appreciated.