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What size screen can I fit? 7"? 8"?

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  • What size screen can I fit? 7"? 8"?

    I have a 2006 Ford Explorer and the opening where the stereo is 4.75H x 7.5W and 8.75 diagonal. The measurements on the screen that are listed are those with the bezel? I would like to fit an 8" if Possible..

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    you can fit anything with enough modification. but your car has a standard double din opening and a 7 or 8 inch screen would fit the best.


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      anyone have measurements for the 7 and 8" with bezel?

      xenarc or lilliput doesnt matter


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        any store (including the MP3car store) that sells the monitors should list the outer dimensions [with bezel]... it's the LCD panel size itself that usually hard to find.

        your stereo/dash opening measurements (4.75H x 7.5W); is that a factory radio bezel opening or is that the actual space available behind it?
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          it would be very rare to have a perfect fit, just find whichever is closest, and cut the bezel to fit. you will find that you could probably do either one.