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Connecting 10.4" LVDS to EPIA-M

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  • Connecting 10.4" LVDS to EPIA-M

    Hey all,

    I came across a scrapped Adantech Panel PC (PPC-105T) and discovered that the LCD is a LVDS 800x600 module TM100SV-02L01 by Torisan. It also came with the interface cable which seems to be a Hirose 40pin (kinda leading me to think its dual lvds).

    I have been looking at picking up a system based off the EPIA-M 1GHz platform which supports the LVDS-05 modules. My question is, will these play nicely together?

    Below are the datasheets for the panel and the lvds module. (btw, check out the mad huge pile of LCD datasheets at the second link by jumping up a few levels... nice)

    Thanks to anyone with some input on this.



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    I am very Curious to know what dictates weather or not a screen will work with the LVDS05 module. I have an epia M board and would like to order this module and an get a used lcd off of ebay but im not sure which screens will work with the module, their helpfiles shows a couple different 15, 17 and a 19 inch.... not what im looking for.


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      Forget 17 and over, because they are double-channelled panels.
      Be careful about 15, because at least half of them are NOT lvds, but odd-even ttl rbg (that has two, multiwire flatribbon cable).

      I am strongly interested, if somebody could resurrect the lvds port of the M10k, is it a real second monitor or just a clone of the original one?
      As I enable the second monitor in the driver of videocard, everything disapperares and just the background picture is visible.And TV out also shows this one.
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