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Can anybody tell me what screen this is?

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  • Can anybody tell me what screen this is?

    Hi guys. I'm kinda new here been lurking around for awhile gathering info and what not.
    I was wondering if anybody can tell me what screen this is I brought it off ebay and stupid me never tested it before i started fitting it into my dash. Now i think i have a dead screen as i have a vertical line about 5mm wide going through the screen and think i may need to replace the vga screen. Any help would be great.
    Thanks Wade

    P.S. Nearly forgot the link

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    its a VM-806AV Ultra-cheapo monitor from china. a company named shenzhen 3c electronics makes them. They don't warrany any of there products. and no returns may be sent to them. i hope you got it from an ebay store that has warranties. (if not i have a spare i might be willing to get rid of for the right price).


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      Found out it's actually made by company called OEM in Hong Kong. I have messaged the company and they requested a picture of what it was doing and have since asked me to send just the lcd panel back to them for replacement.


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        The drivers are hard to find for this monitor/Touchscreen

        If you lose them, go to