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Here's a new way to mount your screen...

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  • Here's a new way to mount your screen...

    I have spent several months lurking around here as I built up ideas for my carputer install, and I came up with a monitor install solution for my 98 grand prix that I had not seen mentioned before.

    in the grand prix, it has an overhead console for sunglasses, garage remote, etc.

    what I decided to do was bolster the console plastic by using some sheet metal epoxied to the back, and then mount an articulating LCD ceiling/cabinet mount to it.

    the mount I chose has a 75/100 vesa mounting pattern, which is well suited to the 12.1" and higher Shark samsung screens sold over at in my case, I am using a 5" screen that I am making a custom attachment for.

    anyway the best (and only) mount I could find for this is the Vantage Point Ul02-B Double Articulating Universal Arm Lcd Mount, which I found at Amazon for ~$80 but eventually got on eBay for $60.

    here is a link:

    the mount locks into place, and/or can fold up and out of the way when not in use.

    anyway, for those of you who dont want or cant put something in your dash and have nowhere else to put it, this might work.

    I am not done with my project yet so I have no pictures to post sorry.