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Xenarc loosing screen posistion

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  • Xenarc loosing screen posistion


    I have not had much luck finding a fix for this on the forums or Google, hoping someone else might have had this problem already.

    My Xenarc has been (to me, randomly) loosing its horizontal positioning when booting into the OS (WinXP).

    Usually this does not happen, but some days when I turn the car on, POST and the bootup logo are fine but as soon as the GUI comes up, the picture is moved to the right greatly.

    At the moment, I just go into the screen settings (with my soldered on buttons hanging out the bottom of the screen) and select the "Auto Adjust" and I am ok for a few days until it happens again.

    Has anyone else experienced this or have any suggestions?


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    I get the same thing. Don't know why or how to fix it.
    Oh why do I spend so much time and money on a technology that works only half the time? Is always a work in progress? Is never complete? I wonder.


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      Here are few more details on my setup:

      M10000 PC with VGA cable running about 8 feet.
      Problem with both intel drivers and stock XP drivers.
      Have not had this problem with any other 15"+ LCD (the on my work bench).
      Using unregulated 12V directly from car into a fused input on the Xenarc.

      Seems to happen when the PC takes too long to shutoff the and the M2ATX cuts the power off manually (but I'm not entirely sure about that...).

      Can you share any details that you have on the problem?


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        Well my setup is fairly new as I recently replaced pc +monitor. I have the xenarc plugged into the ciggy adapter ghetto style (why not) and whenever i return from hibernation, the screen is shifted just a bit to the left. Using the Auto Adjust feature brings it back into sync. It is nothing that I have really researched at all. I just saw your post and replied that I had the same issue. Maybe this has something to do with it . I don't have time right now to try it out. Let me know if it works.
        Oh why do I spend so much time and money on a technology that works only half the time? Is always a work in progress? Is never complete? I wonder.


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          Same thing happens to my Xenarc, I just use the remote to do an Auto Adjust.
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            Hmm interesting, bummer, I have an integrated card that does not support 800x480.

            I am actually out of the state atm so I do not have access to my car.

            Hey Maheriano, are using an unregulated power input as well?

            (trying to identify a possible cause)


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              Mine has been working consistently for 2 weeks, but it did this today. Grr.


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                I changed my settings from 800x600 @ 60hz to 800x600 @ 72hz, and it's fine now.
                We'll see how long it stays fine.


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                  Will try the refresh rate change in the morning. I have this exact same problem, but I lost my remote, and the buttons are buried in the housing, so needless to say, it's NOT a simple 'auto adjust' fix for me but a 15 min dismantle/remantle to get the position correct.



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                    I'm in the same situation actually, can't find the remote and the buttons are inaccessible.

                    The 72hz rate has not been 100% reliable but it has only gone wrong a couple times since my last post.

                    Gotta find my remote...


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                      Same problem... had to solder some push switches in. Just be sure to test with a meter first. Those Tactile switches are kind of weird at first.


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                        I dont think its a problem with your Xenarc. I have the M10000 board and have had this problem myself with a k301 screen.

                        There are two different locations on the VIA site to download two different, but compatible display drivers for the m10k.


                        Under the "Support" tab, you can get drivers from "Drivers at VIA Arena" and "EPIA/VB Downloads". Try the two different drivers. Thats how I fixed my problem.


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                          It's definitely the screen. This problem has happened to many xenarcs. It's a problem with the internal LCD controller. You can purchase a new controller board from xenarc if you are outside your warranty. If I remember correctly, it's $105. I got a new board and my problem went away.
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                            The refresh rate bump from 60 to 75hz definetely centered it and so far about 10 starts later, no problems.

                            Hate to say it, but I never had problems like this with the 10+ lilliputs I've always installed in the past. Love the image clarity of the xenarc, but not worth it when it keeps giving me problems like this. Shouldn't have to "fix" such basic items. (spent DAYS figuring out bios settings to make it work intiially)


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                              Guys - just to let you know I have the same problem with a Via 12000 ( S3 Video ) and a TMR which I think has common parts. I'm running at 60htz but after reading this I'll bump it up and see if that fixes the problem.


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