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Acura TL greeting Text Prank

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  • Acura TL greeting Text Prank

    My friend has an 08 Acura TL and is always playing pranks on our cars so I'd like to get him back. I think it would be a good prank to change the greeting text on his center console. I can't find anything on google or the forum. Does anybody know how to do this?

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    back when i was looking at buying an acura TL myself i researched the car and found forums just for the TL...
    google "acura tl +forums" and im sure you can find it, they might be of more help to you


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      I have an 06 TL and I changed the greeting/warning text and the background start-up image. You have to use a hex-editor to edit the text, then burn a CD and put it in the Nav unit, then press a button combination to access a menu that will allow you to "update" the Nav System OS.

      You can get all the details over at


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        Thanks, the thing is he doesn't have a nav, do you think it would still be edited the same way?


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          lol it would be nice if you could make it say something when he turned his car on or was that what you had in mind? lol
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            That's what i'd like to do. Instead of saying "welcome driver 1" i want it to say something different.