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How to disable "No Input" display on lilliput 701??

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  • How to disable "No Input" display on lilliput 701??

    I have a feeling this may be covered somewhere else, but I could'nt find it when I searched. And checked out the faq.

    So, when turning the laptop/pc on from suspend, it takes a few seconds before you get a vga signal from the pc.

    But the lilliput turns on immediately. So you get an ugly "No Input" screen when you turn your car on.

    Is there any way to turn this off? So it just displays a picture when it gets an input?

    Either that, or I'll just make a circuit which delays power to the screen for 3-4 seconds, so by then there would be a vga signal, but I figure this is a common problem so theres probably a fix out there.

    thanks guys
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