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drivers for Shark 10.4" LCD Touchscreen

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  • drivers for Shark 10.4" LCD Touchscreen

    Hey folks,

    I'm planning on buying a few of these but need x64 support for the USB touchscreen.

    Can anybody tell me:

    a) are x64 XP or Vista drivers available for this touchscreen? Or are standard Windows HID drivers good enough?

    b) if so, where can I find them for download?

    Thanks in advance for any help on this. I'm leary with pulling the trigger on these until I know they'll work for me.

    Also, it seems that there are several places online as well as eBay where these can be sourced. Will all versions contain the Samsung panel? Or is there one vendor I should avoid (or, conversely, definately use)?

    Thanks again,

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    Looks like Hailrazer answered my question in another thread: at least for Vista x64 anyway; it seems that it has the necessary touch drivers built-in.

    - Rhino