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Problem with LCD Controller?

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  • Problem with LCD Controller?

    I recently purchased an LCD controller made in China, for a UXGA laptop LCD panel (Thats 15" of 1600x1200 Mmm-ness).

    But here's the catch:

    At SXGA, looks like a normal LCD running at non-native resolution.

    At UXGA, it's perfectly fine, EXCEPT, the rightmost 2" are missing!! It's all garbled, and infact does not portray the right side of the screen at all, it displays a messed up portion of the left side.

    My best guess, the chip (RTD2523B) does not have the memory for the UXGA display? I'm not sure.

    I know the device has a pixel bandwidth limit of 140MHz, and I have dropped my display's refresh to no avail, down all the way to about 120MHz pixel bandwidth.

    Any ideas?

    Linked are the symptoms and the PDF of the chip.