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Xenarc 1020YV and custom timing etc.

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  • Xenarc 1020YV and custom timing etc.

    Hi, when using a Nvidia 7600 card and custom resolution in nVidia its possible to get 800x480 with the settings from Xenarc FAQ, but the text isnt perfect and when trying some other settings i can get a crystal clear picture, but then the whole picture is to much to the right side and i cant get it to left, I have used this settings

    Horizontal desktop pixels = 800
    Vertical desktop lines = 480
    GDI Refresh rate = 60
    Bits per pixel = 32

    Horizontal front porch = 0
    Active horizontal pixels = 800
    Horizontal total = 848
    Horizontal sync width = 56
    Horizontal sync polarity = negative
    (Horizontal scan rate = 31.50)

    Vertical front porch = 28
    Active vertical lines = 480
    Vertical total = 525
    Vertical sync width = 3
    Vertical sync polarity = negative
    (Pixel clock = 26.7100)

    Does someone has a settings that works perfect?