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  • Wouldn't you know it!

    I finally figured out how I'm going to fit all my pieces into the rather small case I have. Now, I'm having Datalux issues. I have the Belkin VGA amp, but it won't fit up to the VGA port because the keyboard and mouse ports are close to it. I need some ideas on options. The obvious one is to get a gender changer, attach it to a spare VGA cable I have and go that route. I'm not sure if that will work though - my cable is about 4 feet long. Seems the signal would drop over that distance. I read a post about someone replacing the screen with a different one that was brighter and didn't need as much voltage. How difficult would that be to do? I'm a rookie in this area, so I need all the advice I can get.

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    How long is your total cable run from the 'puter to the monitor? VGA is good up to 12' (officially). Unofficially, I have driven VGA signals up to 50' without a booster (usually off of a newer laptop computer)


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      looks like it's about 10" total. I'll try the amp route for now, but definitely not the route I want to go. Might see if I can find an old video card laying around. I know I have a VooDoo someplace.