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auto power on lilliput eby701-np/c/t

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  • auto power on lilliput eby701-np/c/t

    hi guys

    just got my lilliput, taken it apart, and glued the LCD panel into the dash.

    obviously i need the auto power on to work, as my remote receiver will be hidden behind the dash out of the way somewhere along with the buttons which were in the casing.

    ive tried the code on the Sticky for auto on, all i get is a language menu popping up.

    cant find a topic with someone else with this problem maybe as this is an '08 unit

    any help is good please as i cant install my dash back into the car until ive made sure i can get it to auto power on.

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    What you do is enter the code..... it will then take you to the language screen, then hit the menu button on the screen itself to go to the next menu that has the auto on feature. Once you enter the code with the remote, the remote is useless. You have to use the screens buttons to make changes or it will exit out. So once in menu use the volume buttons to go up and down and the 2 arrow buttons that go left and right to activate and deactivate options. I think thats how you do it...
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      the side buttons work to go up and down the list

      but volume does nothing to change values?

      would it be coz i wasnt waiting for all the blue lights to go out before getting to this menu?