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1din touchscreen recommendations?

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  • 1din touchscreen recommendations?

    I'm just starting my project and looking at touchscreens first. I have a Vauxhall Astra 2002 (G), I don't really want to cut into my dash and so I have no obviously good places to place a screen other than my two separated 1din slots.

    And so I'm looking at screens that fit into a single 1din slot.
    I need help to know what is available and what to avoid...

    For example I've seen these 2 pop out sorts:
    CID700M / DWW-750FM
    Xenarc MDT-X7000

    What would people recommend?
    What other alternatives?

    Or I could consider a screen that was the size of the front plate of the 1din hole, but haven't seen any of those about.


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    No one have any experience with these?


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      i got a cheep and cheerfull manual one, which has worked ok so far
      bit average in direct or high sunlight, but most are ...

      most motorized ones seem to crap out within a year, so avoid them

      this is the one i got about xmas time $233 US + freight

      im running mine at 800x600 and the image is clean and clear


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        I would take a look at some of the reviews of these units that already exist on the forums - there is plenty of information on quality, especially the MDT, to help you make the right decision.
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          Woofnstuff - a friend pointed me to b-billion just yesterday... so many more options there . I guess manual is the way to go for reliability, but the Xenarc is so pretty I can't help considering it. Shame on me.

          Armine - The number 1 thing I've learnt from reading the forums is that every screen seems to have its problems, so its tough to know which screen has least problems.
          And the ones from b-billion have very few reviews unfortunately.