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Help how to diagnose touchscreen problem EBY701?

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  • Help how to diagnose touchscreen problem EBY701?

    Hi guys,

    Got a EBY701. Worked perfectly for the last 2 years.

    Started fabbing stuff with the bezel and did some fiberglassing over top also tried using ABS (long story). Anyway, after attempting to make a new bezel, I find that the touchscreen is not working anymore. It will not respond to any inputs.

    I tried on a different computer, installing the latest touchkit driver as well. No luck.

    Nothing looks burnt or broken so I don't know where to go from here.

    How do I diagnose what is the matter with the screen? Any tips/advice. I tried searching but most get resolved with reinstalling the driver. I don't think it is a software problem since it was working so well for so long and I haven't changed anything in terms of the system.

    What wires/parts do I physically need to check to see if there is a break? Thanks!

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    The first thing to check is that none of the fabrication that you did is causing the bezel to put pressure on the screen itself. I had an EBY701 and got some lint/dirt of some kind stuck between the screen and the bezel and it stopped working. I found that if I took a business card and wedged it between the bezel and screen I was able to run it around the perimeter and clean it out and it worked again.
    Nick - 08 GG Element
    Custom 3D-CAD Design, Reverse Engineering and Fabrication


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      Thanks Nick. Right now I have the bezel completely off as I thought that same thing as well. Still no luck. Pieces look clean and lint free. cables all look intact. Still no touchscreen goodness :S


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        there is 4 soldered wires onto the mainboard of the eby701 going to the lcd panel, i done the same as you and one of the contacts on there had come off, thats the wires that control the touch so maybe worth checking all that,
        make sure theres no pressure on the brown flex cable on top of the lcd


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          Cheers Scott, will check it out today. The wires looked good but maybe I need a closer inspection. Would a break or separation in the green bar that travels around the screen cause a problem? I would guess so, I see one section that looks like a separation/gap but maybe it's just and air pocket? I'll take a pic tonight, maybe you knowledgeable guys could chime in if it is a problem.