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LCD & Controller Card FAQ (Beta) aka Datalux M1023 Rev E & Lq64d343

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  • LCD & Controller Card FAQ (Beta) aka Datalux M1023 Rev E & Lq64d343

    LCD & Controller Card FAQ (Beta) aka Datalux M1023 Rev E & Lq64d343

    Hello all, I've been lurking for awhile and have decided that a VGA capable LCD is the way to go for me... I can't stand fuzzy test and don't want to kludge a rca cable from a video card into a composite video in LCD. Plus I'm really handy with soldering...

    Since I want to custom mount an LCD in a double din space it looks likes the Lq64d343 will be a nice fit. As Odie said the brightness is good with two inverters powering the backlit.

    My factors here are clarity and price. I could just spring for the Xenerc unit but then I'd have to mount it externally on my dash and it wouldn't look smooth (actually it would make my car a target to be broken into). Also $575 is steep touch screen or not.

    One thing I do believe in is going with what works and giving back to the community that helped you out in the first place.

    I have a bunch of questions in which I will compile into an FAQ when finished my project. Hopefully someday soon this will become a "Sticky:" item.

    Q: Where can I get a LQ64D341 (which is a 300nit 6.4” TFT LCD Screen)?
    A: InStock, Inc 480-921-0234 for $175. It’s rumored that mp3car members have found these for $50 on eBay.

    Q: Where can I get a Datalux M1023 (preferably Rev3)? How much should I expect to pay?
    A: ? (Apparently datalux doesn't sell this anymore?)

    Q: Can you use an EarthVision/ADC Card (CNT-EV-ADC) with this LCD?

    Q: Can someone rip a laptop apart for its inverter to power the backlight for this screen?
    A: ?

    Q: Is there any reputable touch screen overlays for a 6.4 setup? How about the ”touchscreen controller” to go with it?
    A: Miles Industrial electronics has a 6.4” touchscreen overlay available < for £ 59 (94.56 US)and the serial controller available <> for £ 60 (96.16 US) <=== If you know of a cheaper/better resource please post ==>

    Q: Is there any other 6.4” LCD’s with the quality and clarity as the LQ64D341?
    A: ?

    When using two different inverters to power the backlight of an LCD, how do you wire the inverters to the backlight for the extra brightness? Serial? Parallel?
    A: ? (Hey Odie, could you comment here? Links to picts would be nice…)

    I’m hoping this will start an interesting thread. I have a feeling that there are many others just like me that would like some direction on this topic.

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    If any of you need inverters, I'll have about 15 of them soon (in a week) that have the abiliity to power two backlights per inverter.. $20 shipped



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      As I've said before, this is the best 6.4 vga lcd I could find. I am a laptop repair tech and so finding an inverter was not a problem. I smoked my first datalux controller while making a cable to go from the controller to the lcd (btw that was a real pain in the A$$ and a 1:! hirose would have worked fine). bought another LMV10R with a bad lcd for parts. I wired the other inverter in wire for wire with a slide switch on the ground wire (pics coming soon as I'm hoping for a new digicam for Christmas :0) I suggest using the datalux inverters as laptop inverters are difficult to properly connect and are all different. Infrared has said he has inverters that will power 2 backlights here
      My Datalux controller is REV E and works GREAT. This setup would look great in a double-din, I actually used a painted cdrom case for mine, It's a little ugly but will work until I can come up with something better.
      You can get used LMV10R's on Ebay for ~$100.
      I am still looking for a good, cheap touch solution for mine. I *think* the datalux controller can handle any 4-wire resistive touchscreen if wired properly.
      I believe the Earth controller will work with the right cable, you should check with them. Also check here As they sell a 6.4 kit with the LQ64D343, Their $200 controller should work with the right cables.
      I highly recommend looking for the LQ6D341 with the anti-glare coating if you can find one. The LQ64D343 is so bright that it's not a really big deal but would be nice to have as the 343 is rather shiny. I think that some touchscreen overlays have some kind of anti-glare so this may not be needed (and will slightly reduce brightness).

      Good luck, and I will post pics when I get a digicam (btw mine was stolen, which is why I have not posted any pics)


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        $550 is a lot of money though, I can't find any Ebay listings for the LQ64D343, anyone know if the DigitalView AC-1024V3?

        It's a shame those screens at US application are low nit, cause that's a nice price on an 8.4 SVGA screen.



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          Thanks for the info Odie!

          Do you still have the pinouts for the cable going to/from the datalux controller to the LQ64D343? This may be useful...

          I ebayed for LMV10R's and came up empty... I take it that the LMV10R's is an actual monitor datalux sells in which you can rip the controller out of? Is it true that Datalux no longer sell these the controllers?

          The unitedservice apps LCD kit AD controller uses composite or S-video not VGA (Blah)

          "and a 1:! hirose would have worked fine" What is a 1:! hirose?

          Hey Jason I would definitely use an inverter. Do you have the specs? Will it work with the LQ64D343?? My plan is to get started after the holidays.


          Joe Magee