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    I'm looking for a in dash lcd tft with the screen size from 5,8" to around 7"

    What i want is one with a removeble front or that you can not see any buttons on the player when it is back in the case.

    I'm living in a big city in the netherlands and we have a lot of car thieves around so you should not see anything from the outsite.

    I did find one here taht looks kind of nice for me but the post is already very old.

    More info here---->

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    This one is listed in a thread only two down from yours at the time of this poosting.


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      I use the 5.6" LCD you refer to from dscustoms and must admit it's JUST WHAT I WANTED!

      I too wanted it to close to be all black. I have a Sony Active Black Panel HU right below it.

      When both are closed it is a black hole in the center of my car.

      The quality is good. For $200 or so, it's a good starting point. Maybe in a year or so I will upgrade my LCD, but to learn, start-off, etc, the dscustoms one is good.

      -- Vikram
      5.6" Indash LCD | Sony MDX-610 HU | Sony XA-300 (USB Audio!)
      Apple iPod 30GB | Treo 600 with GPS |