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Lilliput touch issues

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  • Lilliput touch issues

    Im currently borrowing an old 809GL-80NP Lilliput from a friend on the pretence of purchasing it whilst i cobble together my carputer.

    However im having an issue with the touch panel itself, whereas the bottom section doesn't seem to work and it get progressively worse.

    Using touchkit and the draw test i get results similar to this, sorry i don't have an actual screenshot at this time, but this image is almost accurate if not crude:


    Yellow indicates the "first" draw across each outer edge of the screen, and the fading grays indicate sub sequent passes.

    I have read the stickied thread on how to repair the touchpanel with heat, but im reluctant to try that approach due to the monitor not yet being owned by me.

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    Could this be a driver issue?