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Old IBM POS screens

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  • Old IBM POS screens

    I bought 2 old IBM pos screens, hoping that they'd connect via vga and serial.

    well, they do seem to have some sort of serial connection via a plug that looks like a 4-pin RJ-45 with two clips on the side instead of on top.

    The Video connection doesn't look like anything I've ever seen before. I did some research and they might be some sort of Digital video format... the plug has DHA-50 on it... (Not to be confused with the stuff in Fish oil... found a lot of that in my searches.)

    The touchscreen is a 4-wire type, and is branded ELO. There is no controller, as it plugs straight into the same board as the LCD... which I'm assuming has the lcd controller on it too. It's a multi-layer board, so tracing was a bit difficult.

    IC-finding-via their numbers was never my favorite, and this one wasn't yielding much useful.

    Anyway, I'll post pics later, but I've all but given up hope on them.