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Brand new EBY-701, win xp can't recognize Touch Panel

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  • Brand new EBY-701, win xp can't recognize Touch Panel

    hi Guys,

    After 3 Months of waiting I have just recived my brand new Lilliput EBY-701. A friend of mine who lives in USA sent it to me.

    I pluged the screen into my laptop in order to check if everythings work fine and the screen works but I can't install touch screen under my win xp with sp2. Windows is trying to recognize the device and I got a message that "unknown device can't be recognize and it seems to be broken". I have installed the drivers but I can't find any touch screen controller using Touchkit. Am I doing something wrong? Is it common problem with this device? Is there any way to fix it? Please don't tell me I have to send it back

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    I have solved the problem. That black connector between screen and pc didnt work properly. I tried to unplug and plug it again, and squezzed it firmly and it worked like a charm