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Need advice on which LCD to get

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  • Need advice on which LCD to get

    Hi folks. I am getting new screen and need some advice. I was looking at xenarc 705tsv the price is right for me but read that they are not as good as 700TSV. I have tryed lilliput indash and didnt liked it. the 705tsv has good frame size to fit cause i dont want to take it apart. Other thing is that 5 or 4 wire touch screen. If somebady had lilliput and xenarc wthat you prefered, which make was better. Thank you

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    No one? Comeon guys give us a hand here


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      In between Xenarc and Lilliput, I'd choose the Xenarc any day because of the better build quality of Xenarc screens.


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        Thank you for your opinion


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          I currently own the 700TSV and I think it’s a good quality screen. Although I am a very picky critic and I don’t like that when you shut the car off the screen settings change (brightness etc…) Also I will be getting rid of the screen because of the fact that this monitor as well as all cheaper screens are crap during day time lighting. I own a maxima not a convertible and I am not talking about direct sun light. Take it from me, I thought I could get a cheaper unit and be satisfied with day light performance but that’s just not the reality. The unit I am getting is from from Germany the ctf700sh. Check out the pics from Death Valley on the site. Its 742.00 but will be your first and last monitor period. I have been looking into touchscreen monitors for years and it’s the best unit out there.

          I will be selling my unit the first week of October so if you are not willing to pay the higher price make me an offer on the 700tsv.