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How to swap the touch screen on my Lilliput?

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  • How to swap the touch screen on my Lilliput?

    I have a replacement touchscreen sitting here in a box. My current screen is installed in the car right now, and before I rip it apart I want to be prepared. What will I need to swap the touchscreen? Is there a special tape or adhesive to buy? Will I need Googone or anything else?
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    The touchscreen panel sits on top of the lcd panel. I changed my touchscreen in my Lilliput a few times and the process does not require any special tools. The TS panel was held to the LCD panel with small pieces of tape, so it would not move around. Also the TS panel had some small pieces of thick double sided tape stuck on the side that came in contact with the plastic casing. This is there to make some clearance between the plastic casing and the TS panel so the TS panel does not get pressed when you tighten the screws of the casing.
    If your new panel does not have this tape already installed then maybe it is a good idea to get some and install in beforehand.

    Be careful of the ribbon cables in the screen and be sure to take your time and you can't go wrong.

    good luck.
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      Are we talking about the 3M double sided white foam tape? I believe I have some kicking around.
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        No, he means scotch tape or whatever they call it. The clear little tape you use to wrap presents. usually just 4 pieces around the side to hold the screen to the LCD. You can reuse the pieces if you are careful. I have pulled mine apart about 5 times now, original tape.
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