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  • custom fit Xenarc 700TSV

    Hi all,
    I'm working on a bit different - not for car but the home automation ; I'm gonna put the screen in my kitchen wall and I've decided to go with Xenarc 700TSV. First of all I don't need all the buttons at the bottom and also the stock bezel is way too wide for me. I think lots of people over here using that screen and I got a few questions to ask.
    1. Has anyone ever done any custom installation of that model - like taking apart from it's original housing and use a slimmer bezel?
    2. Is it too difficult to do that? What else I need to know before doing that?
    3. Is there any custom bezel available available in the market for that?
    4. Where is the touch sensor located?
    5. Has it got native support for Mac OS X?
    6. And lastly, can anyone recommend me a better one (suitable for my project) within this price range?

    Thanks very much, in advance for you time and looking forward to hear from you. Cheers!!!

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    1. I have, many others did as well.
    2. Not very difficult at all. You need to keep the original boards in nicely tugged place and make sure the ribbons are secured always, otherwise you'll get lots of weird problems like auto turn on does not work, color problems, lines...etc.
    3. No custom bezel that i know of, but you can make your own by cutting your case and modify it using bondo/fibreglass...other products.
    4. There's the touchscreen controller which is a board about 1"x2.5" and it sits behind the screen, and the touchscreen overlay which is the glass panel you touch.
    5. I'm pretty sure it has mac support, double check on it though.
    6. Xenarc is very nice, and it works great, I don't have anything against it really, but if you want an alternative, the lilliput 629 is very nice as well (bright, easy mod, slim casing).


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      Hi Punky,

      Thanks very much for the info. I was looking at Lilliput EBY701-NP/C/T as well.
      Do you (or any one) got any idea how is this gonna be compared to the 700TSV?



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        the 700tsv has way more feature that works out of the box.
        autoswitch, auto on, image rotation (useful if you have to rotate ur screen to fit a certain way). They just have these feature working out of the box, the lilliput has auto on and auto switch if you add a special code.
        Depending on whether u use these features, xenarc and lilliput are both good, but some people think that xenarc is superior in quality.


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          My primary use of the screen will be at home, in the kitchen, fixed in the wall. So, auto start or image rotation etc. not an issue for me. Our kitchen is pretty sunny in a bright day, so I'm not sure if the contrast/brightness of this particular Lilliput gonna work for me or not. Besides the price difference, Lilliput seems to easily available in the UK but not that much luck with xenarc. The new 629GL-70NP/C/T (2008) is pretty promising as it looks. How about "Linitx" - are they any good? Cheers!!!


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            i have no personal experience with the linitx, but i've heard many good things about how bring this unit is.
            I think for your application the 629 should be plentiful and fairly cheap, so if you mess up, get another one.