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7'' TS touch wrong

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  • 7'' TS touch wrong

    hi guy
    i had reinstalled my carpc with new xp version , include sp2 and lightlu with nlite.. now..
    my touch screen 7'' have a problem..!

    in almost case, when i touch, i'ts like right click of mouse and a dialog windows, the button in frontend are unable to click because if i touch it's same right click of mouse...

    sorry for my english

    i have "worcol touchkit" driver installed, ver 2.0
    i had downloaded from
    the most recently driver for xp.

    Did you think i resolve the problem? any suggestion?

    thanks too all!

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    if i understand you correctly, your ts would only right click and not left click right?
    Use a mouse and go into the touchkit option and turn off the automatic right click, see if that solve the problem.


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      in the driver option of worcol touch there's not a option to disable right click...
      i've noted that the mouse pointer move random on the screen without touch, like crazy!
      if i click right mouse button all replace ok but more lot of seconds the problem are back!

      i'll try to replace the driver with touchkit driver that i've downloaded from

      i hope it work better.