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Xenarc 700TSV Auto-off not working

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  • Xenarc 700TSV Auto-off not working

    Hey Everyone!

    I just started having a weird problem with my Xenarc today. On normal days, when I shut down my PC the screen will turn off and go into standby mode until a VGA signal is restored. Now my screen does not turn off.

    One thing that I am noticing that started at the same time is that the volume button on the screen seems to be "jammed" and the screen displays a "0" with the speaker symbol in the top left corner as if I am holding down the volume decrease button constantly. When I press the volume up button there is resistance to volume increase and the screen fights to lower the volume back to zero. It stays like this the whenever the screen is powered on. The button is not physically jammed, though. I think this might be the reason why the screen is not turning off. I don't know how all the controllers work on these screens so I am wondering if someone can give some insight.

    This is really weird and I have no idea why it started doing this. Anyone have an idea? Thanks!

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    I figured it out. There actually was something hanging behind my dash that was pushing the volume down button when the screen was in my dash. After I fixed that problem, everything else was resolved.